Paragraphs in RapidWeaver

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding formatting paragraphs in RW. One of my SEO apps indicates that lots of my pages have no paragraphs at all when in fact I am formatting paragraphs. Does anyone have an idea where technically speaking RW formats paragraphs?

An example of a page “without paragraphs”

Responses would be appreciated.

Best, Natasha

If you are using styled-text, you need to encapsulate the text into paragraphs manually.

This is true for any Styled-Text (Styled-text page, blog page, side bars, etc).

It’s available from the format menu or the bottom tool bar.

Hence, Markdown is so much better, it does most formatting like paragraphs automatically or much easier than styled-text. It’s easy to learn.


Thank you!

Natasha, your text on that page is enclosed in article tags () but not within paragraphs (

). I’ve never seen that before. How did you create the page?

I’m on an iPad now, so I can’t check, but I would bet the article tags are part of the theme.

Absolutely agree with @teefers and would switch to markdown for most text content. Scribe is a brilliant and free (donation) stack for this purpose, combining Markdown with a number of useful extras such as quotes, read more, columns and more. Scribe Stack for RapidWeaver

Only time I use styled text is if I have a lot of links (the RW link box is easier) or maybe want to change the colour of just one word etc.

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