Armadillo and Mailchimp - blog pictures not showing up in campaign

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Hi Greg,

thank for the info. What do you mean when you say “uploaded the RSS.xml file to my site”? Where did that file come from?

When I’ve done it in the past I’ve used the Settings inside Armadillo to create and display the RSS feed and used the URL that it generates to create the RSS-led campaign in Mailchimp.

I wonder if I’m missing a step which means the pictures don’t have the full URL? Or did you add it manually in the code editor for the post?

Apologies if I’m being dense.


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That was probably mis-leading. Sorry. Since it was a test of the RSS only I didn’t want to upload the blog folder and pages to my site, only the RSS xml file for testing. So I exported the test blog to a local folder. (The RSS feed is output along with the html files. With the RW Blog you define the name of the file in the Blog Rss setup. Not sure how you do that in Armadillo.)

So again, I exporting the rss .xml file and uploaded it to my web server. When you build the MailChimp rss email it asks for location of RSS file. This is the file I’m referring to.

Does that make sense? In other words, if you export to local folder you should see your rss .xml file and this is the rss “path” you are entering in your MailChimp Rss mailing. You can look at that xml file with a text editor to see if you are getting a full path on the image on export. If not, edit the xml file making the image path a full path and try your email again.

by the way… (sanity check)… you did see the RSS template “drop ins” for the drop and drag editor when setting up your template? I first was using a regular items but then I noticed the two RSS drop ins. I selected Simple template and then dropped in an “RSS Header” item and an “RSS Items”.

Apologies… I way “over explained” this I think and perhaps made it even more confusing…

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Not at all Greg. Thanks for taking the time to explain. I’m trying the manual way first and then will investigate further using some of the tips you suggest if it doesn’t work.



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