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I am having a problem with Armadillo. I wrote to NibleHost 7 days ago and have not received a response.
When I published a blog post last week, I received a Slim application error. The new bog entry did post to my blog.

Also, the RSS is not working on my blog. After I publish a new blog entry, MailChimp sends out an email to my subscribers. I think there is an error in the RSS feed as MailChimp is not sending out an email to my subscribers.

I can not find RSS file name.
I would appreciate any help or suggestions.
Thank you, Phyl

(Jonathan Head) #2

Hi @sewquilt - sorry for the delay getting back to you.

The RSS feed file name can be whatever you want it to be - it should just be a file name, and not a complete URL (that’s what’s causing the error), so make sure it’s something like “myBlog.rss” or “siteName.rss”, etc.

For reference, this is also explained in the online documentation here:

See the section titled “RSS Feed Link Details”.

Hope this helps.

(Phyl) #3

Thanks, I published a blog today and did not get the Slim error. MailChimp is still not sending out email to subscribers. How I do I find the RSS feed url?

(Jonathan Head) #4

The RSS feed URL will follow this pattern:

The “” and “your-rss-file.rss” should be changed to match your specific website, and the RSS feed filename you’ve specified in Armadillo.

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