Armadillo blog - how to choose multiple images?

I am testing whether it is possible to post multiple photos in a blog entry of the Armadilo blog in such a way that they only will be seen when clicking on the “More” link at the end of the entry text. It seems to work if I put the main content into the post summary and the images in the usual main text area.
However, I encounter a problem: When there are many images in the media upload I cannot choose several of them at once, only one. Am I missing something here or is it really not possible?

Thanks for any light that you can shed on this issue.

Let’s tag @nimblehost.

It looks like this may be a limitation of the Redactor editor’s image plugin (which is what Armadillo uses as its content editor) - I’ve scoured the Imperavi website for more details about how to possibly do this, with no success. Likewise, trying to use a keyboard shortcut like holding shift (or control, or alt, etc) also does not work.

I’ve submitted a ticket to Imperavi asking if this is possible and will post here once they get back to me.

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Thanks, Jonathan.

Wish I had better news for you, Imperavi got back to me and confirmed that only single image selection is possible.

Thanks for the effort. My client will need to pull in multiple images right into the blog post and not upload them beforehand into the media directory. That should work.

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