Row of photos in Armadillo?

Anyone know the secret to getting a row of photos in an Armadillo post with text underneath?

I’d like to be able to display two or perhaps three photos in a row and then write text underneath them but no matter what I try, having inserted the three photos, it seems impossible to then position the cursor underneath and start typing. Instead, the text begins to appear after the first picture.

I should point out that the only way I can get a row of three in the first place is to add them, position them all to the left and then reduce their size so they fit on a row.

@nimblehost would obviously know but I know there are a few Armadillo wizzes knocking around these parts.



Depends not the theme. If Bootstrap or any other framework based, use a 3 column HTML markup.

It’s Flood, so probably Bootstrap enabled, but don’t think client will be
too keen on coding. I’ll look into it and see if there’s a relatively
elegant way for her to do it.

Thanks Jannis.

One approach would be to use a three column/two row table, which are relatively easy to create in the content editor. I’m not usually a fan of table layouts, but in terms of ease in creation that’s probably what most non-tech savvy folks would be comfortable with.

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Thanks Jonathan. That works OK and is much more suitable in terms of ease of use.