Armadillo Link to Media (Download)

In Armadillo, does anyone know if you can link a blog post’s JPG to a file in the Media area, in order to download it (such as a PDF)?

I’m sure this is possible, but I have never done it before. You might want to email Jonathan (@nimblehost ) about this as well.

@omniaaron Yes, you can create a link to any media file. I’d suggest using the “Insert File” button in the content editor, then either choose the file you want from what’s already been uploaded to the Media Library, or upload it directly via the popup modal.

Keep in mind, whether a browser downloads a file (as opposed to displaying it) depends on the file format and the browser being used. If you always want to ensure a file is download instead of being displayed in the browser, I’d suggest converting the file in question to a .zip.