Banner Image & Impact stack - What's the right responsive size?

Okay Joe. Thanks for the clarification.

Hello Bill,

I didn’t put a white bar on top of my image.
The impact stack is standing alone actually… thanks for your advice though. :slight_smile:

I see a white strip across the top of your image

Click on image to see the strip

Thanks Bill, I now changed the picture without the white bar on top. The reason I had created something like that was to override the cut that Impact would make to the image.

I decided to search for another stack that support full image without problem, as I am not even using the amazing feature that Impact offer such as sliding options and the many special features in it.

I am using Impact on my blog page as it is synch with Total-CMS, but likely within the blog page and articles I am not having any issue with the image size and the Impact header.

Thank you so much for your help and assistance. Appreciated it.

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