Impact Stack problems help

I have having an issue where I am attempting to install a picture slide show using the impact stack, however I can’t get the pictures to reduce size. what I mean is I insert the picture and can only see a partial of the picture because it takes the whole page.

This is wha the web site looks like? Any ideas on how to fix it?

What theme are you using?

I am using infinite-r from @henkvrieselaar

Don’t have that one, but it looks to me like the theme has padding or margins and does not have an edge to edge option.

do you know how I would fix it? If I have to I will switch back to theme flood wilderness

You need a theme that has edge to edge support if you want the image edge to edge. Also, the image is going to crop as it gets smaller unless you use the proportional settings.


Not sure if you can see in the picture but I did chose that selection.

@henkvrieselaar do you know a way to work around this?


Do you have a link to the live site so that we might be able to see what is happening?


I didn’t upload the impact section yet. if you wanted I could upload it though.

Yes, it would not hurt to be able to see whats happening, if possible.

I guess you can always republish without it afterwards…


publishing now

Try adding this CSS to the CSS container for that page only

#pageHeader, #contentContainer {
	width: 920px;

#stacks_out_94805_page4 {
    width: 100%;

Then republish and check.

This is all theme, the theme is making Impact calculate the width of the container wrong. There is nothing we can do about this unless we had the theme from Henk

@zeebe and @kryten

Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. I hope @henkvrieselaar come on and can help me fix this. I just brought the page down so it doesn’t show for now.

Thanks @zeebe and @kryten. I don’t have the Impact stack, so I’ve send the theme to Robert. He can send the stack to me too.

Edit: @garyp I’ve send you a message

@garyp I’ve added the stack to the Infinite theme, and it has the same width as the selected Container Width (except for some padding left and right of course):

Or am I missing something?
Can you send me your project please?