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(Cristiano Pulone) #1

Hi to all

I have to build a site for a Bed-and-Breakfast.

Unfortunately, I have to enter a RESERVATION section, with the view of the rooms currently occupied, a Check-In / Check-Out form and the price variation with different rates according to the season.
I’m looking for a suitable stack for these items for a site like this, but I can not find anything.

Can someone give me some advice?

I enclose two SNAPSHOT demonstrators of a similar site, as I would like to create it:

(Paul Dennison) #2

Not many of them about, Yuzool’s Booking Stack is the only one I know of. Never used it so don’t know how well it would fit your needs.

(scott williams) #3

There ore tons of php scripts out there for this sort of thing.

I would check at

(Cristiano Pulone) #4

Hi Paul and Scott,

Thanks a lot! :blush:

(Paul Ricci) #5

There are a couple more: has a lot of booking scripts - hotel, doctor, etc.

Or they also have which is an update to their own HotelBooking script.

(Cristiano Pulone) #6

Thanks Paul.

(Cristiano Pulone) #7

Unfortunately, I’m not a Guru of websites coding nor am I experienced with RapidWeaver.
I don’t know hot to insert a PHP script in a RW page or Stack.

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