Benchmark browser test

Thought this was interesting… I have gone back and forth with browsers over the years but I still like using Safari best.


Although Chrome is the most popular browser around, I would never make it my default. One main reason: PRIVACY. I do not trust Google. For the same reason I do not use Google Analytics. Safari is my favored browser. My second choice is Firefox.

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No real winner…

All of the browsers in our tests performed well; all were able to complete the benchmarks. While the benchmark results show a wide range of performance between the browsers on some of the tests, it’s not clear to me that these results translate directly to real-world usage.

Anyone developing Websites should have and test on all these.

Very true, Give Opera a try, it uses the same Chromium engine as Chrome, and is probably the most “private” of the bunch, even offering a free (although slow) VPN.


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