Poll about browser use

Please take off your developer hats… I’m asking as a web user:

  1. What Browser do you use?
    a) Safari b) Chrome c) Firefox d) other

  2. Do you mostly use portrait or landscape view on tablets?
    a) portrait b) landscape

  3. Which device do you use mostly to view websites?
    a) desktop computer
    b) laptop computer
    c) tablet
    d) phone

thanks in advance for participating.

Hats off to you!

  1. Laptop = a) Safari d) Opera
    Phone = c) Firefox d) Ghostery
  2. b) landscape
  3. b) laptop computer d) phone
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@TapioMichael That’s so interesting. The difference in browser use on phone vs computer, is that because you don’t have an iphone?

I am sure my answers will surprise at least some of you.

Re 1: Safari
Re 2: landscape
Re 3: desktop computers: 99% of time; iPad: 1% of time. I never use my iPhone for viewing websites.

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That’s right, I’m using Mac laptop and android phone (*sigh).

Being one of those who doesn’t like FB app bringing up a selection of pre-selected photos and suggesting those and other data be published, I have opted for to log in through the browser only when using phone and Ghostery comes handy by giving bit more privacy.

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@Rovertek I sit in front of my computer most days, as I am sure you do as well :slight_smile:

You guessed right, Lisa. That is when I am not out taking photos (my main passion of my life)… :grinning:

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Browser: Safari

iPad: Landscape always. Only use Portrait to test out responsive issues in web development, but never for myself.

Use most: laptop computer, with desktop a relatively close second, and phony-phone (iPod touch) a relatively close third.

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  1. Chrome Canary
  2. Landscape (iPad)
  3. Desktop
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@Mathew I am most comfortable with Safari but have just gotten into Pinterest, which has an extension that only works in Chrome.

  1. Chrome
  2. Landscape
  3. Desktop computer
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Chrome on desktop during work hours
Safari on mobile (iPad 90% phone 10%)

Desktop - work hours
iPad non-work, rarely phone for browsing (I’m too damn old my vision sucks)

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@swilliam my eyes are old as well and have a hard time on phone.

  1. Safari (now that the window manager crash bug seems to be resolved), prevously Chrome
  2. Landscape
  3. Desktop mainly (at work or home), tablet often (sitting in this winter’s sun), phone last if out and about.
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@instacks Jannis-
This is global, not you, yes? What about you? :slight_smile:

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Who cares what I use? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ha lol etc.

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I can post a total/tally at some point. I probably should have posted on a weekday… quieter on the weekends in here :slight_smile:

Laptop = Safari - b) landscape
Phone = Safari - a) portrait
a) desktop computer

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