Best cust. support chat stack to use. What are our options?

Hi everyone.

The answer to this question was not readily available via search in the forum so I felt the need to ask.

What is the best solution for customer support type chat within the browser for our rapid weaver sites?

Everything about google hangouts is perfect besides the fact they don’t make it very easy to embed a custom button to initiate a hangout and the hangout has to be initiated by another google user. Besides those two things the entire system would work great if they allowed it. However. I don’t know how to make that work within the browser window and without everyone being a google user so what is the next best option? Wechat is another good app.Not sure if they have an embed.

Any experience or thoughts?

Never actually used it, but if I were looking to set up webchat I’d be considering something like this:-

Will also offers this:

Might give you some ideas?

Take a look at my MoxTalk, might be what you’re looking for:

You can take a demo for a spin to see if it’s what you need.

Happy Weaving !