Support/Contact for Yuzool?

Does anyone have a contact for Yuzool?

I purchased the Messenger2 stack but it doesn’t seem to be working.


Sorry Darren, Yuzool seems to be missing in action at the moment and not responding to support queries. There are a number of lengthy threads on here about this issue.

I’ve got the original Messenger stack and that’s still working for me - what exactly is your issue?

Thanks for the info Rob.

The button does nothing :slight_smile: I have turned on FB Messager and WhatsApp in the stack but when I click the button (and expect to see two smaller buttons for each messenging type) nothing occurs.

I’m testing here (work in progress)

Can you put the Messenger stack on a page on its own, set it up and see if it works then? With nothing else on the page apart from the Source core stack? And if it doesn’t, try the same thing with a different theme?


The stack is missing jquery. Is there anywhere in the stack an option to load jquery ?


Thank you sir!
I added jQuery to the page header. Fixed it!

Good spot, thanks again :slight_smile:


@dyeates Darren, can you tell me how you did that? It doesn’t work here either, I’m using Foundation as theme.


Do you have a link?

I added

<script src=""></script>

into the pages HTML code head


EDIT: Forgot to say, I am using Source theme.

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Foundation already loads jQuery. Do not load it again.

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@joeworkman: Without the code provided by Darren, the plugin doesn’t work in combo with Foundation.
[Error] ReferenceError: Can't find variable: jQuery Global Code (messengerChat.js:26)

As said, please provide a link.


edit: updated the URL

And as an alternative I share here a webarchive:

that can be opened with safari when I’m not online.

I wrote to Michael at Yuzool. He responded quickly. He says he is not active on the forum here anymore, but he is supporting his products via email support through his website. Contact him there.


That’s a load of B.S. There’s no contact form or email address on the website. Now the thumbscrews are tightened on he’s back and supporting? For how long until he’s silent again? Should Dan get involved again, should people file claims with their credit card company or PayPal again? Support should be offered pro-actively, not reactive jerking…

I just went to his site yesterday and sent a support request. He replied last night. The link is here. Easy to find.

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Not so obvious if one purchased stacks at

You have the correct link now.


I hope it’s not:
<form action="/index.php >dev/null" method="post">

Yuzool should do the right thing and issue refunds and close shop. If you don’t support your products, you shouldn’t sell them.

The reason Michael doesn’t show up here is because he has made many enemies here by his total lack of support for the products he sells. Most people found his unsupported products and services because of this site.

It is unethical for him to take on a policy like this, when this site is how he got most of his customers.

Do not give him your money.

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