Best for SEO to name the folders or the filename


What is best for search engine optimization regarding wether to name the folder or the filename in Rapidweaver.
I want it to look as tedious as possible.

Does google look at the filename more than the foldername?

And a additional question. For example the swedish characters å,ä,ö if I want to write them in a filename. How do I do that? Is there a setting in Rapidweaver that allows those characters. Now I have to name for example the city Malmö to Malmoe. Does not make sense.


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I recommend using folder names and naming your file index.html or index.php. I always, actually, always name my files index.php. This keeps things simple in case I ever need to redirect he page or add PHP to the page. For SEO, I don’t see any difference in the file name or folder name.

The Swedish characters should be okay assuming the web host’s file system supports it. Maybe this helps:



Thanks for the help Greg!