What is the correct Folder naming procedure?

Hi all,

This is probably a basic RW question but one I’m not sure about and feel there maybe a few different opinions on.

What is the correct procedure for naming folders in RW General Settings?

  1. Should you include any subfolder names?
  2. Should it have a leading ‘/’ or not?
  3. Should you rename the ‘home’ page or leave it blank?

Please see my screenshots below.

Many thanks for all advise…sorry if I’ve opened up a can of worms.

Cheers Scott

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Hi Chuck,

Thanks, yes I must admit I watched that video awhile back and that is the naming procedure I have been using for a few years now.

I am following advise from Joe Workman @joeworkman @PaulRussam for his SEO Helper stack and that is not how Joe has been naming his folders. He puts a / in front of all his folders even when not sub-pages.

Joe has actually just sent me message and he said it’s just his personal preference to use a / slash.

So both your reply and Joe’s reply helps me…it’s just a personal preference.

I’ll probably continue with my method which has been no leading / slash.


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