🎉 Biggest Ever Stacks4Stacks & ThemeFlood Black Friday Event

40% off all themes and stacks.

Use the optional coupon code blackfriday at the checkout (watch how) if you want this discount.

Owing to the reduced income and difficult lockdown predicaments many of us are trapped under, this year the promotion is slightly different and will run continually until 1st January 2021.

Plenty of brand new and freshly updated addons for you to go and explore too! Some exciting things including…

Have you purchased something from me at full price sometime between 1st January 2020 and 27th November 2020? I don’t want you to feel disappointed seeing it on offer today. Please forward a copy of your purchase receipt via email and a covering note. I’ll gladly send you a 100% coupon code for MouseReveal, LoremUtility, ActionHost and Torrent (a combined total of stacks and themes worth $75).

Plus, have you been made redundant or considering changing your career as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic this year? I have 50 copies of the Exposure theme up for grabs, on a first come first served basis. A great theme for building your own “personal brand” webpage, to get the attention of future employers or clients. And lots of other uses besides. Please email me for a special coupon code if you are interested. All I ask for in exchange is you write a review about the theme or share a link to what you have made with the theme on social media.

Throughout December, I am working on updating and re-releasing some of the most popular former @nimblehost themes, starting already with Creamy and Mirage. These timeless theme designs will gradually be making an appearance on the ThemeFlood website. Beautiful themes to work with. So please keep checking back to monitor the progress of these releases. Check your Paddle account to see if you’re eligible for these free updates.

This is an announcement thread that will be deleted. So if you have comments or questions, please make use of the normal support channels (email, Discord, Twitter) where I am most active.

Stay safe! :smile:


Hi Will, thank you :slight_smile:

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Just a few things to clarify:

The button to apply the optional coupon code is on the last screen of the checkout, below the PayPal / Credit Card / Apple Pay buttons. The video I have been linking to shows where to enter the coupon code and bring your order total down.

Please follow the video very carefully. If the price seems too high, then don’t proceed. Contact me first!

Coupon codes are NOT applied automatically. Because there are a couple of different coupon codes (some less than 40%) and some people prefer to purchase addons at their regular cost. I cannot change the checkout interface to make it any easier to use. The video is the best explanation I can provide you with.

Paddle (my current shopping cart provider) suffered a major technical outage last week. Some users are still reporting intermittent issues today. I imagine the start of Cyber Monday deals might cause problems to reoccur again. If you tried to buy something but hit problems, please try again later. The promo runs throughout December, so you have plenty of time yet.

Incidentally if you encounter any problems with your purchase or have questions about my addons, please contact me direct and NOT Paddle. It appears Paddle somehow “lost” over a months worth of support emails into a random spam folder and have been wrongly refunding / fraud blocking some customers. Which creates a whole host of problems and more expense! Paddle support is best avoided for now.

Needless to say I have not been too happy with Paddle in recent weeks and I’ll be carefully reviewing who I’ll be signing a new checkout contract with in early 2021. I set very high standards for customer support.

A fun activity - vote here for what former Nimblehost theme you want me to update this week:



Freshly updated themes, added to the website this afternoon…



These are former Nimblehost / SeyDesign themes. Updated with various fixes and new features. New demo sites and trial downloads. Both of these theme designs are good to use with RapidWeaver 7 and above.

I think Sytten is perhaps my favoruite of the former Nimblehost / SeyDesign theme designs :wink:

Both of these themes are included in the continuing Black Friday promo, so this is a perfect time to buy either at substantial discount, if you are new to them or needing to update from a much older version.

More updated addons to follow next week. One of them is a real “blast from the past” if you were a RapidWeaver user from circa 2004.

Just a little reminder that less than 24 hours is remaining on this promo.

It will not be extended or repeated. And I can confidently say that it’s unlikely a promo of this magnitude will be repeated again next year!

So if you are interested in anything from my websites with 40% off, only a few precious hours remain.

Free trial versions are provided for all premium addons, letting you “try before you buy”.

If you want the promo price, use the coupon code at the checkout (watch how) and please ensure you complete your purchase before midnight (UK time) on 31st December 2020.


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