Black Friday deals: Shaking the Habitual

Hi All -

Until 30th November we have 50% off of everything that we offer (only exclusion is our Source projects lifetime deal). Here is a taste of what is on offer:

  • Get 50% off any Shaking the Habitual stack (it’s a great time to pick up Quizzer, Charter, Splider, Srcerer or any of our other unique stacks!)
  • For the first time ever you can now even get 50% off of our already heavily discounted Stacks bundle!
  • Get 50% off of Source Addon pack (this is a great time to get to know our stunning, lightweight framework for RapidWeaver!)
  • Want to use the amazing Source Grid stacks in other frameworks? Get 50% off of our Grid Enabler stack!
  • Want to learn about building a course in Source or how to build a slider with code? Get 50% off of our Academy courses!
  • And there’s also a Black Friday exclusive bundle deal to be had too that includes every single stack, course and project file that we currently offer!

Simply add the code STH-BF-2020 during checkout.

Find out more:


p.s. We have recently launched a fantastic new blog that looks focusses on Source but also web design in general. Check it out. And if you have any requests for future posts just let me know!


I can confirm this is true.

Still, 50% off everything else is a great deal.

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Thanks @davidfreels. If i could have included the Lifetime Deal for Source projects i would have (but it barely makes financial sense at its regular price :rofl:)

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