Summer SALE (Shaking the Habitual)

Hi All,

While the sun is still shining in Glasgow I thought I would launch our Summer Sale! Lot’s of great discounts available on all of our products:

  • 30% off any individual stack, project or course (including the Source Addons, Grid Enabler stack and all the Academy projects and courses)
  • 50% off our Source Academy Bundle (including Source, Source Addons, 2 project files and 2 full video tutorial courses)
  • An additional 20% off of our Stacks Bundle!

Find out more about all of the deals here

We only have 2 sales a year - this one and Black Friday. Our Summer Sale ends on 22nd June so don’t miss out!


Just a reminder…it’s the last couple of days of our Summer sale. Ends Monday 22nd June. Don’t miss out :slight_smile:


Hi Stuart, you may want to update the sale page countdown, it says an hour and a half left ending on Monday the 21st

Thanks @pmjd - should be fixed now though might need a page refresh to see it.

Hi Stuart,

Going to buy the stacks bundle but the 20% off is not being applied at the checkout.


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Apologies @pmjd - the coupon code seems to have expired a bit earlier than it was meant to. Extended it now so should work ok now…

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Thanks, bought, now just to find the time to play with all the new stacks lol

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