Black Friday to Cyber Tuesday 50% off Webdeersign Templates & Projects

50% off all Webdeersign Templates & Projects - now.

From right now until Cyber Tuesday (yes Cyber Tuesday), all of our Webdeersign Templates & Projects (all 11 of them) are reduced by 50%.

The offer extends until midnight GMT on Tuesday 29 November 2016 and the discount will automatically be applied at the checkout. Enjoy.

Not sure if today is called Black Saturday or Cyber Saturday, but the good news is that out 50% sale continues.

I believe some are calling today Red Sunday! Of course our amazing sale continues today through to the end of Cyber Tuesday at midnight GMT (UK time).

Thanks Steve. Glad you are enjoying them.

The Webdeersign Projects & Templates are always designed with the aim of being deployed either as a complete site or to be used as a source of pre-made modules to cherry pick and use in your own creations. As such they can be both a huge time saver but also be used as a learning tool.

I find myself starting new client web sites by picking one of my own Templates or Projects first because it avoids that “Blank Page” feeling you can get when starting a new web site. I prefer to see something on a page rather than nothing to get me up and running.

@SteveB That’s great to hear.

Too cold mate. Too cold.

Don’t forget the free virtual T Shirt.

UPDATE The sale is set to end at the end of today but due to a technical issue, it actually stopped at the beginning of the 29th. It’s fixed now and BACK ON.

Just to confirm - the 50% sale continues today until midnight GMT tonight Tuesday 29th Nov.

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