Cyber Monday! 50% Off All Joe Workman Add-ons

This has been an amazing year for RapidWeaver, right? We have access to so many amazing tools that we have wanted for years. To celebrate, I am going to be doing my biggest sale ever on all of my products. This is a special event. I have not done a sale in over 2 years…

How to get the discount?

For any order over $50, you will automatically get 50% off your order. You do not need to enter any coupon codes, the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

When is it?

You have 36 hours to capitalize on this great sale… don’t miss this window!

Starts: Sunday Nov 29 at 12:00 noon (US/Pacific GMT-8)
Ends: Monday Nov 30 at 23:59 (US/Pacific GMT-8)

What can you get?

There are no limits! This sale applies to everything in my store. Here are some suggestions on huge savings…

Thank you for being an awesome and loyal customer. I hope that you are able to pick up some more awesome tools to help make your websites great.



if the sale starts on Sun 12pm and ends on Mon 12pm, aren´t that just 24 hours?

But anyway, can´t wait to order… :wink:


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@matthiasr nope, it ends 1 minute before 12am Tuesday, 11:59pm goes to 12am


I’m not getting the discount. See attached image.


@peppermint Because it hasn’t started yet, it is a CyberMonday sale. :smiley:

@zeebe, @matthiasr

Hmmm… midnight Sunday to 11:59pm Monday is 23 hours 59 minutes. Unless you meant it to start 12AM Sunday then it would be 35 hours and 59 minutes… unless my math is really horrible as of late :wink: Which is entirely possible as I am a man and men are always wrong… right women? lol

Just saying…

Not Midnight Sunday, 12pm, which is noon.

Thanks @joeworkman & @zeebe , I have my list ready :wink: Santa is coming early lol.


Yup… my math is horrible today… apparently too much Turkey lol

Thanks @zeebe

Noon = 12pm. I am starting the sale 12 hours early to make sure that everyone has a little extra time to benefit from the sale.

If I were to do midnight to midnight, people always get confused as to the timezone. Hence adding 12 hours to the sales should help remedy that situation. :slight_smile:

Uppsss!! too fast… :flushed:

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I think that also the “shop now” button in the just received email is a little confusing, because “now” there is no discount.

@Trystero you can always shop and get your list ready! :smiley:

Shop now is what i did and saw afterwards That there was no discount. In Europe were not That familiar with black friday and crazy monday and the exact period :smile: THE button tricked me :grinning: Afterwards i saw i have to read better and read after the shop now button. But the button and the text NOW is a little confusing.

Ah, thanks for clarifying. I am used to the 24h clock. But i will keep in mind that 12pm is noon, so i am prepared also for the offers next year. :wink:


Thanks for the feedback guys. I will work on making my verbiage more international next time…

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As it states, the discount is only applied to orders over $50

I hope this helps!