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I attempted to update my blog this morning and RW decided that it needed to reload all 6,978 pages, which took an hour and fifteen minutes. Once finished, the latest post had only been halfway updated, with about half the introductory page there but not the bottom half where the link to the whole posting’s located. So, I have a blog with the latest posting only halfway there.

I thought at first that my cache might have been contaminated, so I erased that, deleted that entry, then reloaded the blog, but the half entry remained even after that. I reentered the latest entry and reloaded the whole thing again, but the half entry remained.

a) How do I delete the bungled half post and reload a complete one?

b) RW does not quit. I restarted my machine while trying to resolve the problem and, as usual, RW would not quit on its own and needed to be Force Quit. This doesn’t seem healthy or natural.

The Blog address: Pure Schmaltz | Pure Schmaltz
The offending entry: (Returns page not found message)

Help. Thanks, David Schmaltz

Right click on the blog page and select publish, so only this page is published.

Thanks for the jangle. I’d apparently inadvertently created a copy of my blog’s main page without noticing it. I was referencing the copy, which I’d only partially updated with the most recent posting. I deleted the copy and everything snapped back into order. I appreciate your help! david

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