Blurry / how to edit several banners

(Mat Grimm) #1

I try to generate several banner-images for some individual subpages / There is an option in the configure area, but this CSS seemed to edit a general solution, but I like to have my own images in the head banners of the pages / What’s to do?

(scott williams) #2

Almost impossible to answer without knowing what theme or a URL to look at.

(Mat Grimm) #3

Hi Scott, RW Blurry is my actual theme, where I try to edit the Banner image in this kind / Thank You in advance for helping me

(Vitor Costa) #4

Hi Mat,

You can find the info on the tutorials demo site here?

(Mat Grimm) #5

ThanX, I’ve seen that tuto, but it only works in a general kind: one banner for all pages / I try to edit several banners to indiviualize these pages

(Vitor Costa) #6

Where are you pasting that code?
If you use that code and paste it on your individual Pages > Page Inspector you can indiviualize those pages by changing the name of the image to a different one.

(Mat Grimm) #7

Hi, vitor, thank You - that works / What is the recommeded size of a Blurry-Banner? My 1200 x 400 seemes too large ThanX in advance

(Vitor Costa) #8


The Blurry Theme adjusts the size of the images in the banner to cover all the space, to have a nice image as a cover in the banner you should be using those dimensions for visual quality, but it depends on what your needs are, if you use a 800x400 image the image will be resized up to cover all the space, just give it a try, and play what best suits your needs.

(Mat Grimm) #9

I’ll try it / Thank You

(Mat Grimm) #10

Blurry Theme: I try to edit H1 H2 H3 H4 in size and colour / Where can I manage this?