Marvel Theme Banner Size

Hi. Using the marvel theme and I would like to make the banner that is incorporated within the theme smaller. Its really large for my purposes. Can this be done with a piece of code or do I need to alter values somewhere please.


If you go to Master Styles you can change the width of the header. Reducing it down to 700px for example will make it smaller. You can also hide the image completely from the Master Styles section.

If the master style changes aren’t enough, someone here should be able to give you some CSS code to help you out.

It’s best practice to post a URL to at least a test page along with specifics of exactly what you want to change. Screenshots pointing out what you want smaller, how small you want to go and don’t for about mobile screen sizes.

Without a URL you limit yourself to getting help from someone who has the same theme and wants to take the time to create a test project of their own.

With a URL anyone who codes can jump right in on the test page with developer tools.

Thank you thats just what I was looking for. That gives me the sizing I require.

Thank you. Altering the header was just what I was looking for. Thanks

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