Booking Stack - Yuzool

(Jonathan Spencer) #24

Great but what if you want the times to be fixed to a lesser time and not let the end user change the booking slot length?

(Nate Eckley) #25

Loving the changes. One quick question. In the stack am I able to set restrictions on when people can book? Say for example they are booking a tour. But the tour is only open Monday-Thursday from 10am to 3pm. Basically preventing them from booking outside those times.

(Monica Sayegh) #26

@yuzool Great :slight_smile: thank you!

(Nate Eckley) #27

I see you commented that your working on that next. Looking forward to it! Thank you again. You make some nifty stuff.

(Michael Frankland) #28

Thanks for the comments and positive feedback everyone - it really helps to make this more awesome :slight_smile:

Looks like @neckley0207 + @jspencer2 the next update needs to focus on time settings. Will look in particular at setting min / max times :wink:


(Tyler Coleman) #29

Love how the Booking Stack is progressing. It’d be amazing if there were layout options so you could have a clean calendar view showing booked/available days and times. I’m a photographer and have a set time of bookings at 10am, 1pm, and 4pm M-F. It’d be great if a client could simply look at the calendar, click an available day, pops up with available times, selects the service they want (1 Look, 2 Look, or 3 Look photo session) and pay a $50 deposit right there. If it had that functionality, I’d definitely buy it for $37. I already have the Stripe Checkout Stack, just need a dynamic booking calendar. :slight_smile:

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #30

Me too, waiting for a dynamic reservation schedule. I hope to see this in a future update somewhere :neutral_face:

(Michael Frankland) #31

Thanks Tyler @manuvmusic and glad you like the progress!

We’re adding functionality as we can and hopefully it will keep improving and become more and more useful :slight_smile:

(Jody Joy) #32

Here are some questions as well as functionality improvements:

  1. CSV export does not seem to delineate first and last name as two separate fields. It combines them. This needs to be fixed in order to be useful for MailChimp and other mailing services.

  2. I took a look at the admin screen for the demo, and I don’t see how anything is “managed” there. It is just the fields filled in. What management features are contained in the admin area?

  3. Can a reminder email be added so that a reminder email can go out 24 hours prior to the booking.

  4. Can a scheduling calendar be added on the design side, so that only certain available dates and times are open and shown as available on a calendar for booking and the client can choose those dates. Basically much more control on the part of the “host site” needs to be added. Right now the client can just put in any old time and any old date. If that is not what the host has available, that’s not convenient.

Perhaps I’m not seeing how the admin controls what time slots are available for the site user to choose from. There are only a (very) few fields, i.e. arrival and departure, etc. For example let’s say I only do online demos on MWF at 2 pm and again at 7 pm. These demos last 1 hour each. How is this info set in settings? Does this type of control exist at the moment?

(Michael Frankland) #33

Thanks @Jody

Will look at the export bug and nice feature request for an email reminder to go out 24 hours before.

The scheduling calendar is something talked about above and we’re going to add that if possible but at the time being we’re looking at adding more control to the time slots. So as your example about time slots and doing a demo between certain times, this should be possible in the next update and can be all set within the Stack / RW.

The admin is for the user / client to see all the bookings and manage those, but the set up is all done in the Stack :slight_smile:

(scott williams) #34

Hi Michael, why you are tearing up the time slots, it would be nice to have a qty for each. Example: set time to 2:00-3:00. Max seats available 10 can’t book more than 10 people into that time slot.

(Michael Frankland) #35

Thanks Scott @swilliam - I thought about that also and would be nice to have :slight_smile:

I did test that for version 1.2 but wasn’t working well enough to release (limited bookings by number) but have it on radar… bear with me.

Starting vacation from today also :palm_tree::tropical_drink: but have made a start and more updates coming soon :slight_smile:

(Jan Fuellemann) #36

Hi, I just bought the booking stack. But I need it to display the calendar as a main view and then people can see at a glance which slots are taken. Some dates have to be closed by default and shown as well. @yuzool any chance for that?



(Michael Frankland) #37

Great idea @Fuellemann - we like this :slight_smile:

It will be more difficult to do but we are looking into doing this and hoping to add a calendar view in a future update :slight_smile:

(Jan Fuellemann) #38

That would be fantastic! Thanks for looking into.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #39

Great idea Jan :slightly_smiling_face:

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #40

Would be a great update yes indeed :ok_hand:

(Nate Eckley) #42

Hey @yuzool, I was wondering how all of this is coming on your end.

Thank you Sir!

(Michael Frankland) #43

Thanks for checking in @neckley0207!

Unfortunately quite behind schedule as summer hols has been in the way and had most of August off :palm_tree::surfing_man:

Hopefully able to ship something soon. Will announce here once something is good to go :+1:

(Michael Frankland) #44

@neckley0207 @jspencer2 @SanityFox and all others keeping track of updates in this thread! (Not sure how to notify all…)

Finally after a while we’ve been able to nail some important changes to Booking Stack :tada:

Say for example they are booking a tour. But the tour is only open from 10am to 3pm. Basically preventing them from booking outside those times.

Select which times are available as it is a free for all at the moment as you can book a hair appointment for 3am on a Sunday if you wished!

These were real questions / problems and we’ve got a good solution here in version 1.3 (free update).

Get the update via Sparkle inside RW Stacks (and should be getting an email about it soon also)…

There’s also a little cool extra (reCAPTCHA) so you won’t get any booking from robots! :robot:

Here’s the run down for v1.3

Time improvements!

  • Block out time slots that have been booked! Republish when you know the times you are not available.
  • Change the intervals of appointment length
  • Hide the appointment length info
  • Set min and max times so only get bookings when you are working and can dedicate the time!

  • reCAPTCHA added!
  • Fix - notifications sending on form submission
  • Fix - from address on notifications for some servers

Happy Weaving and thanks for all the support and feedback to make this happen! :heart_eyes: