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(Kenny White) #1

This was an instant buy for me ! Do I need it…No i don’t. I think this stack is a great start to which I anticipate being stellar in the near future. Congratulations Yuzool & thank you for all your efforts to bring this to market.


(Jonathan Spencer) #2

It’s a good start but has lots of vital features missing. It doesn’t know what has already been booked so people can continuously book the same date. It doesn’t seem to have a field for separate rooms or services, businesses normally have more than one! I cannot see a time picker, which would be needed for lots of businesses. Finally, sone sort of payment integration would also be needed. I’ll stick with php scripts for now.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #3

Yes, in fact a time selector would be a necessity and much more features to go …
If they bring in all these features and characteristics will be an instant buy, a 10/10 stack.

(Gary) #4

I agree. It’s a good start that may meet some requirements but for a general booking form, so much additional information is needed from a booking system for it to work. E.g. One of the key issues is availability and price of a booking “slot” and marking that “slot” as unavailable once booked. To book a “slot”, users need to see what “slots” are available before they can make a booking.

(Ian Sinclair) #5

If you try the preview page at, BE WARNED!
The information you enter will be posted on the admin demo, and anyone can see your email, name and phone number unless you or someone else deletes it.
I deleted dozens of entries while I was there.

(Michael Frankland) #6

Thanks @Nostrildomus for your kindness and super visions in its potential! :sunglasses:
I hope you have a project soon where you can use it.

Thanks @jspencer2 + @webdeer - we’ve covered a lot of the things that could be added in the future over on this thread:

@iansinclair is correct and always advisable to enter in random "" kind of emails into demo sites :slight_smile:

(Michael Frankland) #7

1.1 in development already with time slots:

(steve bee) #8

Worth also mentioning that this has the basis for the perfect subscription system.

The rules in the EU on gather emails for marketing purposes change next year, Booking could be the perfect for this, with a couple of changes.

(steve bee) #9

If you want v1.1 tested, I’m just starting to build a site for a barber :slight_smile:

Can you add to v1.1 the ability to change the button colour in settings?

(Michael Frankland) #10

Great! Awesome!

The button colour can be controlled by the theme settings - it uses the CSS from the theme. Does that help?

(steve bee) #11

Kinda, but it means the theme needs to have the settings to change buttons, and the one I’m using (Designed) doesn’t, that I can see.

I see that you can “enable button class” in settings, which I understand will then take it’s style settings from Foundry. Can this be adapted to work with @tav ButtonPlus2 Defaults style setting stack?
Or, can you let me know the classes I need to change to style the button manually?

(Andrew Tavernor) #12

Button Plus has a unique class of b-p in addition to the Foundation button class


should target it selectively regardless of whether you have it set to a link or a generic button.

(Willem) #13

Like most comments here. I miss “blocking”. It should not be possible to double or triple book on the same slot. (Some airlines may disagree haha.)

(Michael Frankland) #14

Thanks @SteveB - for Designed you can target:


And maybe add an !important

Will look at adding better integration here in next week’s 1.1 update and also @tav’s Button Plus :slight_smile:

Thanks @willemn we’ll look at adding Blocking in a future update, cheers :slight_smile:

(Michael Frankland) #15

Booking Stack 1.1 is now released and lots in it!

Full details and video info (and demo) here:


  • Time picker
    Time picker added with auto fills for easy appointment making

  • Email notifications
    Emails sent out to site admin and appointment booker straight after booking

  • Payment integration
    Integrates with Checkout Stack for Stripe and PayPal payments of bookings. Or Redirect to another Stack or Thank You page

  • Multiple Bookings on one page
    Add more than one booking Stack on a page

  • More finer controls
    More fields, adjust field widths, take off end dates and language settings

  • Other small refinements
    Better compatibility with some themes and frameworks

Thanks for all the feedback everyone in this thread so that we could make that happen! :pray:

Online Booking Stack
(Nate Eckley) #16

After a time slot is booked, does that time become unavailable for other people wishing to book at that date/time?

(Jonathan Spencer) #17

No, until it does, I will put it in the ‘interesting but don’t buy’ pile of stacks.

(Michael Frankland) #18

Thanks @neckley0207 - not at the moment but we’re hoping to bring that to the Stack in a future update

I think @jspencer2 that’s better than being in no pile at all! :sweat_smile:

(SF) #19

I know I’d buy it the second once it can take away a space. :slight_smile:

(Nate Eckley) #20

Im in the same boat.