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(Jonathan Spencer) #45

Thanks for the update. I was just thinking about the stack today when a school asked about teacher meeting bookings!

How can you set it to just show certain available dates or is that not part of the update? A few more examples of blocking times would help as I tried and it didn’t seem to like my formatting at all.

(Justin) #46

Hi - Wondering how would a client update the dates when not available etc? Ie not a RW user but an owner of a website I designed for them for example? Or is this ONLY for RW users? Ta

(Michael Frankland) #47

Ahhhh great point @j303 … it’s RW only at the moment, not CMS compatible (yet)!

Thanks @jspencer2 - that was times for now. Did you try the same formatting in the example? Send me email / DM of what you tried if you want any feedback


(Jonathan Spencer) #48

If you could select the days and times available it would be ideal for me as a booking solution. At the moment you can limit the times but still book say a Sunday when the ‘shop’ might be shut. I have confidence it will have pretty much every scenario covered. Being able to let clients set it up would be great as well.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #49

Yes it would be a great feature to get it CMS compatible, hopefully see this in a future upgrade :smile:

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #50

Yes indeed @jspencer2 this would be a well needed feature.

(Nate Eckley) #51

I second this. Love to see a Pulse integration.

(Michael Frankland) #52

Great ideas there guys… thanks for the input :slight_smile:

(Michael Frankland) #54

Thanks guys for all the helpful comments & feedback :slight_smile:

Version 1.4 is here and emails going out today!

Thanks @TINO, @jspencer2, @neckley0207 and also had some good feedback from @webdeer worked into this version! (And thanks @SteveB - we have button style overrides now!)

Here we go:

  • 24 Hour clock now an option for the time
  • Buttons can be styled! By default Booking takes the style of the Button from the theme. Now you can override it with controls for colour, text colour, padding, radius, font size and hover styles!
  • Email notifications and receipts now include the booking information in the body of the email. This reminds the booker when to turn up and gives a quick note to the seller what slot has been booked
  • Fields were originally all required but now that can be disabled. In case booker wants to just leave a telephone number and not an email, you can set this up as you wish
  • Time is also now optional. So if you want to only book days and not times (e.g. in the case of a Bed and Breakfast with days only needed, as renting full days), the time can be switched off
  • Tidy up of the Stack GUI with clearer options

To get it:
Sparkle updates from within Stack, emails will be sent out with download links and also if you’re a bundle user just login to your account to download the latest ZIP.

Until next time, happy weaving!!

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #55

It is a pleasure. Thank you Michael :smiley:

(Gary) #56

Great new features. There sure is a lot of good stuff going on at Yuzool. Keep it coming.

(mark hunter) #57


Is it possible tome it to restrict when bookings can be made, and the length of the booking?

Use cases for this:

  1. Hairdresser that is open Tuesday to Friday, so wouldn’t want appointments made on Sunday or Monday when they are closed.
  2. Apartment Holiday Let, only takes bookings for 7 days, and change overs are on Saturday. So the only time a booking can be made for is a Saturday to Saturday stay.


(Jonathan Spencer) #58

Just what I want. Without this feature it is still unusable for me even though I did buy it!

(Michael Frankland) #59

Thanks @mark for that also - sounds good - I’m chewing on it and hopefully can come up with something for that also :nerd_face: :+1:

(Andrea) #60

Hi Yuzool
another future purchase here as soon as you include the “limited tickets” feature.
I need to have people buy tickets for some events and there is going to be a limited, variable number of them.

Also my 2 cents: when you’ll have that feat included, I think it could be transformed into a very useful inventory stack to sell goods that come in limited number (I’d hate to setup a server for that using Rapidcart Pro)

(Michael Frankland) #61

Interesting approach / ideas here @Pitti_Uomo - thanks for the input and I hope to get this into a future update at some point :slight_smile:

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #62

Good point, it would be an interesting feature yes, in fact.

(Michael Frankland) #64

Hey @SteveB!

  1. Yes
  2. Not yet… but you can select what times are not available - as 1.
  3. Yes - you can redirect on success submission to a payment page such as Checkout Stack
  4. Haha - that would be nice. Cheers :beers:

(Simon) #65

Hi Michael,

What’s the progress on users being able to update?

I’m designing a website that requires booking. But the end user needs to be able to see the bookings and also be able to add unavailable days/times to the booking.

Is this possible?

(Michael Frankland) #66

Thanks @svsmailus - users can see the bookings made by going to their online admin screen - but the unavailability can only be set in RW. So if your client is not using RW they won’t be able to that yet I’m afraid.