BottomStick Stack - Problems with responsiveness

Hey guys. I am trying for way too many hours and simply need some help. I have no ideas anymore how to fix it.

I am creating a website for my girlfriend.

The design she wants has for example

  • picture left
  • text right

But she wants the text allied with the bottom of the picture. So far it is not a problem. BUT when I for example alpine it for a 15in screen and switch to 27in which I am actually working on, the picture shoots through the roof and goes above the menu bar and totally out of order.

If I go smaller on the screen size the opposite happens. I get a big gap between menu bar and the content and the smaller size I go the bigger the gap. So yeah, I just need it to stay in the same relation to the other objects. Below this column (2 columns) I have 6 more with the same structure, so whatever fixes the problem with the first column, hopefully fixes it for the other ones as well (if I do the same). I WISH I COULD ATTACH PICTURES TO THIS POST.

I am using the BOTTOMSTICK Stack from DeFliGra.

Any ideas how I can prevent that from happening? I am sure for 95% it is not only simple but login what goes wrong.


I don’t have that stack but are you trying to get something that looks like this?

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Hi Robbeattie.

Amazing!!! YES, I believe thats exactly what I need!

Does the gab between the picture and the header stay the same on all screen sizes? DESKTOP & TABLET is only important. For Mobile I can create a different stack, if it is too difficult.


Technically kinda like in the picture. But as I said, It always crashes when I switch the screen size and the picture and text move up. :frowning:

In the screenshot the text is not 100% aligned. But it should be aligned with the bottom of the picture.
The 2nd picture shows whats happening when I change the screen size to a bigger one.


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