Stack compatibility issues

I’m having no end of issues in creating a page with tabs on it! Does anybody know how to get a menu to actually sit on top of a tab stack?
I’ve tried to get Full Menu (Weavers Kingdom) and Clean Menu (1LD) to work with Unlimitab (Weavium) and no joy whatsoever!
I had an issue before with Full Menu and HTML5 video but I spoke to Lucas and he gave me some code

.header { z-index: 100 }

This worked for the video but won’t work for the tabs! Is there any way at all to force menu stacks to the front? Ive included a few pics so you can see what’s happening!

Do you have a URL to look at? I feel like I had an issue with one of Weavium’s stack in the past where the z-index was really high (like 99999) so a z-index of 100 on another stack wouldn’t do the trick.

Hi Jason
Here’s the url

You might need to make your screen a bit smaller so the drop down menu hangs over the tabs

Yeah, if you look at my screenshot (which is showing the settings for the ‘next’ arrow), the z-index for that element is 999999999, which seems excessive. You could try changing your css to be 1000000000, but it may be worth also asking the developer to get a little less aggressive with z-index’s (or bake that as an option into the stack)

Wow, thanks Jason, that seems really excessive! Is anyone from @weavium on here to explain this?

Hi all,

Thank you to those who have been here to explain and help. Most of our customers email in and ask why our stacks or hidden beneath other stacks, so we defaulted to a high value like 99999. If this causes an issue for you, or conflicts with another stack, you may indeed have to play around and lower it until you find a good index value. If you know the index value of both conflicting stacks, you can easily adjust them. A high z-index will place a stack on top of others, and a lower one will put it beneath other stacks. I hope this helps~~~~

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