Button with 2 lines of text

I need to create a button that says

on Amazon

I have a lot of button stacks but don’t know if I can create 2 lines on any of them.
Anyone know how I could do this?


I just tried doing that on a few button stacks and found this worked on the default Stacks button stack:

BUY NOW<br>on Amazon

It didn’t work with Flat Button or Sweet Button though.


I can’t speak for Sweet Button, but Flat Button has a set height, so wrapped text will not work. Buttons that are multiple lines should probably be simplified where possible to be one line, IMHO.

It should really be <br />

The <br> tag is actually sufficient. The others were for use with XHTML. Nowadays most RW themes are HTML5 so the paling old <br> tag should be just fine.

Oops! Thanks, @Elixir. I’m obviously stuck in the past.

No big deal. I still type <br /> often. In truth it isn’t a big deal to do. :slight_smile:

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I’m looking for one of these two line button stacks too. Doobox Button Press stack does it, but I can’t tell if the new Button Press 2 stack does?

Yes it does - If you enter Click<br>Me in the “Button Text” field in the Doobox Button Press 2 stack you’ll get the two line button"




Can the button text be centered?

Yes - centred is the default.

@mark, thanks for the info.

I bought Button Press 2 today, and if it’s set to a narrow fixed size, or inside a narrow fixed width container, less than what would handle the text on one line, then it makes the button 2 lines. That is nice! Doobox is having a 50% off Thanksgiving sale. Time to buy some wish list stacks!
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