Cache Busting Links bug

So I cannot believe that I never realized this…

The cache busting links option in RW is great. It ensures that when you republish all files, that browsers will redownload an asset because of the parameters added to the asset URLs.

However, the rwcache key that gets added to the URLs is unique for each and every page. This means that the browser will never cache any assets because the URL to them is unique on every page.

What needs to happen is that the rwcache value needs to be the same on all pages when republishing. It can change for each and every publish, but if I republish all files, that rwcache keep should be the exact same value on every page on my site.

Hope that this makes sense.

@dan @tpbradley Just wondering your thoughts on this…

Hmm, yeah that definitely sounds like a bug! I’ll try and look into this soon.


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Hey @joeworkman, I’ve been trying to replicate this and everything seems to be working fine. What version of RW are you using and can you send me a sample project?


Hmmm… very strange. It does seem to be working now on my test projects. I hate when that happens. Grrrr… Maybe I was having a brain-fart before… :thinking:

No worries, let me know if you manage to reproduce it :+1: