Missing Resources after two bad mistakes with the RW file in the cloud

Hi, I hope someone can help me solve a big mess I have caused entirely by myself.

I have the rw file for my site stored in the cloud (through box.com). Recently, I discovered there were two versions of the site file there, very likely caused by sync issues. I deleted the oldest one and thought no more about it, until I was opening the other file today to edit the site.

Then I got the dreaded message about missing resources, and it turns out several hundred image files are missing. At first, I didn’t understand what was going on, but I have now figured it out. The image resources were stored in the rw file version I deleted (that file was ten times larger than the file I have been actively editing), so when I deleted it, the links were broken.

I have restored the file again from the cloud trash, but RW was not able to re-establish the links automatically. Now I truly hope someone knows of a way to fix this without having to relocate every file manually?

Any help will be deeply appreciated!

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