Can I print out Inspector settings?

Hello RapidWizards!

I’m basically proficient in RW. Have Foundation 6, Stacks, etc, etc, all up to date.

In creating a new site, I find myself going back & forth to review the settings in an inspector stack, page, Image, etc. ((I know global content can make every stack the same, but I’m not that skilled yet)) I’m a tweaker - often trying several settings till I get what I want.

Is there anyway to print out the inspector? Screen print doesn’t work for longer setting options.

So appreciate a response - I have learned so much on these forums.

I use the excellent Cleanshot screen capture and recording app. I allows ‘scrolling capture’ where you select part of the screen and then scroll the screen to get more than you can see on the screen at once. It comes out a bit long and thin, but it works :slight_smile:

Download this screenshot and zoom in and you can see all the detail.



CleanShot, thanks. That’s an instant buy.

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I’ve been using Cleanshot for a while now, and I use it many times a day. Not connected with the developer but just a happy user :slight_smile:

I totally undestand. Same with me, I am super happy to share good experience with other’s tools.

(If you need a tool to pick colors from the screen, organize colors in collections and many more, I can highly recommend “ColorSlurp”, I use it for all my Web & Software Projects to maintain the color palettes of my projects)

Yea, I’ve got ColorSlurp too! Great minds etc :slight_smile:

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Getting back to the subject Snagit also allows you to capture scrolling content.

Yes, for me the 2 best screen capture tools are CleanShot and SnagIt. I have both but use CleanShot 95% of the time. Mainly because it is so much quicker and easier to use. But … SnagIt has some advanced features (especially with some of their custom templates and the simplify tool) that CleanShot doesn’t have. Once in awhile I definitely take advantage of the extra features SnagIt offers. I don’t regret having both.

Thanks Everyone!

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