Can i put a JavaScript file in Resources?

Hi all, i am try to learn how use the Resources section.

I have an HTML page that i have borrowed from a web site, i am NOT going to use it for anything other than to find out how to make the Java Script file associated with the page work.

I have the HTML page in a new project, i have dragged the Javascript file into Resources, i am now stuck on how to get this resource into the HTML page.

I did Copy and Paste the JS into the Page Inspector JS section, but it didnt appear to work.

I also watched the Video associated with Resources on the RW manual page. but that didnt cover JS files

Any ideas please, i had thought the copyright stuff could be a problem So Marten if you are still interested i would still like a leg up. thanks.

the screenshot below could be where my problem is, the location of the JS file in resources ?