Please disregard this post, I have a JS file, where do i put it?

Hi all, as easy as RW is to use, i still seem to struggle doing the most basic tasks.

I have borrowed some HTML from a web page, this page calls a Javascript file.

I have edited the HTML file so it calls the JS file ok, for example i have both files on my desktop, i switch my WiFi OFF and double click on the HTML and it all displays correctly.

So i create a new HTML page in RW ok, but where do i put and how do i call the Javascript file ?

I Copy and Paste the file into the Javascript section of the Page Inspector but that doesnt seem to work properly, can someone please advise ?


Hi Tim,

Can you give us a screenshot of what you’re trying — ie, the html on the page and the javascript in the Page Inspector — so we can see first-hand…

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Hi Martin, I appreciate your endeavours to help me, BUT i shall have to withdraw my question, i have read the small print at the web site from where i copied this little routine from, It is all copyright protected !!!, so i shall simply have to link to the original web page.
that is the original page, i thought if i could legally use it, i could get rid of the stuff on the page which isnt relevant !

Thanks again Martin
PS. this is other useful stuff is on the same site