Can New Accordion Segment Open with Content Near Top of Page?

At this page [Dam Maintenance Project] I have an accordion (cleanAccordion from @1LittleDesigner). When an accordion panel opens, I can read the contents and, at the bottom of the content, I can see the remaining accordion shingles. I have the stack set so that, when I open a new accordion panel, the old panel closes. The current behavior, which I want to change, is that opening these subsequent panels “open upward” so that the user is left seeing the bottom of the content of the newly opened panel. (This is because, as the new panel opens, the old panel is closing and the new panel is filling the freed-up space above it.)

If I set the accordion to leave a panel open when I click on a new one, I don’t have the problem, but this is not how I want it to behave. (I am using the accordion to hide a lot of content, so I don’t want that content taking up space as subsequent panels open.)

Might there be a CSS solution whereby opening the new panel could (1) wait for the old panel to close, then (2) open the new panel near the top of the browser window? Or some other solution?

Try @joeworkman Jack and setting it to do a vertical scroll of the info inside of the accordion.
Yell if you need help.

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If you’re going to keep adding updates, when not re-work it as a blog?

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Thanks @robbeattie! I am using the Poster2 stack’s blog design to document activities and events around our lake community. This particular project, however, stretched over 10 weeks with quasi-weekly updates. I used a single blog-like post for the entire 10-week project, but nested each week’s update into its own section of the accordion. So, one blog post covered 10 week’s of updates! I didn’t want 10 separate blog entries for this one activity.

Incidentally, I had inadvertently set the accordion last night to NOT close tabs, so if you looked at the site earlier, you might not have seen the issue that I am asking for help about. Try clearing cache and relooking at the page…

@joemart1951 set me on the right track by pointing me toStack4Stacks (@willwood) ZipList Stack. The page (Dam Maintenance Project) now works more along the lines of what I was looking for. Thanks, Joe!

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