Is it possible to link to a subsection in an accordion stack, so that it shows as open when someone clicks the link?


Stack: Foundation - Accordion Stack

I have an external accordion stack with each element containing another accordion stack.
I would like to have a link that a user could click on, that would open the page and display the information in the accordion stack that is relevant to them.

I tried using Joe Wormkan’s link anchor…but that does not work. So I guess I am asking how to trigger an accordion stack to open in the link.


Unfortunately there is no easy way to do that. It would require some particularly good hand coding.

Christi Carew
YourHead Software

I happened to come across a similar situation last night while looking at Doobox’s Hunter 3 stack. On the FAQ of their demo, they talk about doing what you’re asking. Their setup is different, obviously, but it seems like it could do what you want it to. I’m imagining that you could put accordion stacks within the hunter rows and have the filter function as what is currently your external accordion stack. (I havent actually used Hunter 3 yet, I just recall reading that FAQ last night and thought it might apply…)

Will Woodgates (Stacks4stacks) wonderful Switcher stack can partially do this. You can trigger a page to open with an accordion (or tab) open. Switcher is hugely customisable and configurable. There is even a free version to try out.

All, Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I will take a look at some of the options suggested and see what would work best.

For my input to developers, it sure would be great it everyone’s accordion stack would support this!

Thanks again,


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