Can somebody share Nick Cates' stuff when I donate something to Nick?

Hello dear community,

I am deliberately asking very carefully because this is a sensitive issue. Would it be possible to share or buy themes and stacks from Nick Cates via the forum?

I know that he has discontinued his services, but unfortunately you can’t officially buy anything anymore.

I have bought some stuff from him, but I am still very interested in the Aspen theme and the following stacks: velvet, photo and vast.

If someone knows his PayPal address, I would donate something to Nick and also to the “seller”.

Thanks a lot to all of you!


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@joeworkman has the rights to Nick’s RW stuff. Rigfht now as Jannis (@instacks) point’s out you can but 9 of Nick’s stacks today for $140 (CYBER MONDAY DEAL). That includes the three you mentioned(velvet, photo and vast). The individually stacks won’t be offered until next year.

Joe has said that he will do nothing with the themes. You’d be better off picking a theme that will have future support. Might have a look at some of @willwood’s stuff over at ThemeFlood. They all have a demo version you can try before you buy and they are on sale now at 40% off.

It would be a against the license agreement for anyone to “sell” you or give you a copy of software.


Thank you very much for clarifying!

GREAT NEWS! You can still buy the themes from its demo site! I just bought the Aspen theme, I could pay and got the downloadlink via mail!

Just google for the theme you want and google will show you the demo site from the theme. The “Buy” button is still active and works.

Probably an oversite by Nick.

I wouldn’t suggest folks do that, that theme wasn’t cheap and will go unsupported.

As Browser change things can break and you’ll be on your own.


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