Cartloom - can't see preview in RW

I’ve set up my products on the Cartloom site. I saw them once on my RW preview, but now I can’t !!! Don’t know what I did to hide it. I see my header and below is just black.
Please can anyone help? I need to get this up today before Xmas.

PS. Is this the correct category for the question? I never know which to post in - stack, add-on or plugin?

You don’t need to post the same post on multiple categories.

I’ll close the other one

Have you tried contacting Cartloom support?

Unfortunately, unless someone has experienced the same thing it’s going to be hard to get help without you publishing and providing a URL to at least a test page.

Yes, waiting for a reply, but they take some time! I obviously haven’t published that page yet until it’s good.
Thanks for the heads up

You can always publish to a test page. A subdomain is usually free with most hosting companies and easy to set up.

They come in handy for all kinds of problems and testing.

You can also try previewing in a browser. You can then use the developer’s tools to check out what might be the cause of the problem.

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I used Cartloom in a showcase. It has always worked (just checked my project and I have a preview). So, it’s hard to find out what went wrong in your case. I would try to preview in a browser, just like @teefers suggests. If that works, could it be you saved your project while in preview in RW? It occurs that preview messes up when doing so. It’s maybe a silly thought but sometimes problems have trivial reasons.

Hope you can sort it out,


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