Change background color with inline css?

I downloaded some stacks from WDS to try…but just in case…since I can put an HTML stack on a page, can that contain instructions to change the background color, so that I could have the background change multiple times on the same page? If I put something in the CSS panel, it affects the entire page. Or is there some code snippet I could use? I figure it must not be possible, or I would have read posts about how to do it.


The PADDY stack is a good one to try this example with because it has some heigh and will fill it’s container or page width.

You can add `backgroud-color: #555555; into the inline CSS box


Create a new Class (which is just a label really). So add something like karenbg1 into the Class box.
Then in the Page or Site CSS code section, create:
.karenbg1 { backgroud-color: #555555; }

Any difficulties just PM me. Gary

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