Page Background Color Changes!

I change the color of selected text, but my page background color changes too. Not always. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?


Pls give us more details - which Theme, for instance?

How are you changing it?

Custom CSS.

A URL with the phenomenon; and we’ll do our best to help :slight_smile: !

Good luck.

I’m using ThemeFlood’s Blank Theme 2.1. I started with the page background color changed to a blue. I copied and pasted text from the web to a text stack. I select the text, open the color window, change the color, and the page background changes color, not the text. Kind of frustrating! No custom CSS. Here’s the URL:


I don’t know that theme; I assume you’re consulted their manual here?

It couldn’t be that the reason for the blue text is that they’re all hyperlinks and the default color for links is blue, could it: I notice that some text which isn’t linked is Red and Black?

The problem is when I tried to change the font color, the background page color changes at the same time. Are you suggesting this may be a problem with the theme rather than RW?


I don’t know that Theme. If it’s ‘Blank’, that suggests that everything’s user-customisable. Is that the case?

How do you manage your Themes?

The best practice used to be to install; then work from a Duplicate - created inside RW. Is that how you work, Bruce?

If so, create a new Duplicate and see how to change the colors independently in that test duplicate.

It may even be that copying text from the web brought over the styling that’s causing the trouble.

What happens when you paste it into TextEdit in the same way that you did into RW - are the colors and styling preserved?

What happens when you Paste-And-Match-Style (Option+Shift+Cmnd-V) that text onto a Text Stack?

Hi Bruce,

Look in the Master Style for Blank Theme 2.1 There’s a number of settings for link colors. Those colors are overriding anything you may try to apply to linked text.

Have fun.

Bill, I do see and understand that. That does not tell me why the page background color changes when I try to change text color, and that problem happens when I try to change color of non-linked text.

I can’t figure out what the problem is, and it’s random. I have my site done, so I’m moving on. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

OK. I think I found the problem (maybe a bug). If I open the project file and select text and change the color, all is fine. If at anytime I click the body background color square in the inspector to change the background color, then that is locked on and every time I try to change a text color the body background color changes too. I can reproduce this.

Thanks Bruce,

I see that here too. Appears to be color wells are sticking. I created a bug post linking to your example.