Change Default <h> Fonts?

How would I change the default heading fonts? I’m looking for a setting, not adding code if possible.

It depends on the theme and whether you want to add standard fonts available on most computers or other fonts such as those supplied by Google, Font Squirrel, etc. Also some stacks will help you add fonts and font styles.

If the theme does not have this setting, you have to use side wide code. Or partials: define once, and change the text in each one.

I found I can change the color using FontStack, which I use to change the font anyway. The only thing I notice is it seems the color change does not apply initially when viewed in a browser, but it does after the page has been refreshed. I’m not sure if that may just be my browser cache. Here’s the page URL. The text color of “3 DRAWER DRESSER” and “PRICE” should be black.

Yes, the text you mentioned is black.