Character encoding and social media in Depth theme

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I am using @nickcates Depth theme. Whenever I publish a page with a £ (GB pound) symbol there seems to be a character encoding issue - the site is set to use UTF-8. See the screenshot to see what I mean. Is there a way around this?

Also it doesn’t seem that social icons have been added in the way other Nick Cates themes have. Is there a good looking social media stack anyone can recommend that would integrate well with Depth.

Thanks in advance.

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Just now tried out the £ symbol in the new project file, using Depth stack and theme, and it worked well for me, see screenshot. If this still is an issue, can make me a single page project file, demonstating the issue, then send to Thanks.

BTW, social icons will be added (in the same way as my other themes) in Depth 1.0.2.

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Thanks for the reply @nickcates. It works well for me too (all previews, and previewing in Safari) until I publish live on the internet then the character issue is there. Can you try publishing the page you made and see if it works ok?

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@nickcates I have sent you an email with a project file and link to the published version. Cheers :slight_smile:

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