Nick Cate's Clearing theme suddenly stopped showing social media icons

Nick provided code to put social media icons under your site title over the banner and for some reason it just stopped working. I’m at a loss. My client is freaking out because social media is really important for their business as they are a restaurant.

Anyone else experience this? Any fix? I’m going to continue troubleshooting. I tried old versions of the website going back a year and the icons don’t show there either. I reinstalled Big Sur the other day because I was experiencing Safari issues, but that’s it.


He posted this re: his themes

NCD Theme Update:
Realmac Software has now taken over Aspen, Royale, and Marvel themes. Aspen is now on sale at the Realmac Store . Other NCD Themes should work into the future without issues, except for social icons within some themes will stop working due to a licensing expiration later in 2021.

If you are using stacks you could find a social media stack like:

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Thanks. Yes I’m aware of Nick Cate’s wares being taken over by other developers. I miss that guy. He was always so helpful and friendly.

So it turns out that it must be the licensing issue because it just stopped working. So I purchased a stack called Action Menu and it works nicely with Font Awesome icons. Instead of appearing under site title I have it set to float at the top right of the display. (You can’t put it horizontally under the site title.)

Thanks again.

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