Charter labels and tooltips callbacks. Again

Hi there,

i’m here again with a question for @habitualshaker Charter stack.

I have a bar chart and everything is fine. The problem comes out when there’s a number like 6.00 that becomes 6 in labels and tooltips.
How can i have labels and tooltips report exact data from csv without strip decimals?

I tried .toFixed(2) but it’s not working.
I also need to replace dots with comma and add a % symbol, so i tried with:
.replace(’.’,’,’) + ’ %’

There’s someone who can provide a complete callbacks code for labels and tooltips, please?
I know should be something quite easy and straightforward, but all the codes found on the web doesn’t work. :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @MickMan - you may get lucky here but i’d recommend using Stack overflow to find / ask for advice around this kind of thing.

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Yep you’re right Stuart.
Thank you for the advice.

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