Charter v1.2.0 available now

Hi All,

Another HUGE update to Charter stack is available now. Headline features in this update include:

  • Customisable Tooltips (you can now append or prepend values with symbols or text)
  • Advanced Customisable Tooltips (for those that wish to, code can now be added to allow your tooltips to display exactly what you want - e.g. summing values in a stacked bar chart)
  • Ability to ‘Transpose’ csv / Google sheet datasets (this feature automatically switches the columns and rows and can be especially useful if your chart is connected to a data source that is fed by a form)
  • Half doughnut chart
  • Start angle of Pie charts
  • and A LOT more (check out the Release Notes for a full list)

You’ll see many of these ‘New in v1.2’ features on the website.

Also, there’s a fantastic review of Charter on the RW community pages with a link to some real-world uses of it. Check it out here. (And if you would like to leave your own review or ‘like’ then that would be much appreciated :slight_smile:)



Thanks so much for this update. So many of these updated features will be very useful!


This just keeps getting better. I love this stuff. :bar_chart:


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