Choose your billing software carefully

I was recently going to upgrade a programme I had purchased some years ago. That was until the billing software added 25% to my bill for a non USD transaction. I wrote to the software developer who said it was out of his hands as it was all handled by Fastspring, their choice of billinge vendor. So I wrote to Fastspring who put it down to “exchange fees”.

End result - I didn’t upgrade, 25% extra was extortionate in my opinion.

I add this here as you may not be aware what your billing vendor charges to people who use a different currency to your own. You may well be missing sales because of such extortionate price increases.

That is extortionate. Credit card companies in the UK have a fee for non-Sterling transactions but it is fairly modest. PayPal seems to make money twice, once on the fee and then on the rather wide FX spread.

20% of course will be VAT which we have to pay on all digital downloads but the US market does not. Fastspring / Paddle etc add this automatically based on your location.

Wrong. It is in the software developers hands to decide if products are sold with or without VAT. That’s a setting inside the Fastspring and Paddle vendor dashboard.

I did not say otherwise so don’t be so aggressive with your Wrong

I did not address the situation of vendors deciding not to obey the law as I didn’t want the usual flurry of rhetoric that I get from the US devs when I say this.

The fact is that outside of the RW community every piece of digital download that I have purchased form the US or otherwise has had 20% VAT added to it automatically - this is what the consumer experiences.


The “wrong” was not in your direction dear @tav but in the direction of the US software provider :wink:

Now that you’ve brought it up though…



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