Pricing in US Dollars in the UK by a British Company

As a British Company why do you price your software in US Dollars in the UK?
Currently this policy is a serious disadvantage to British customers, where your company is based.
We are paying an inflated price.
In the U.K. it should be priced in Pound Sterling as that is where your product is technically coming from.
I am currently ’thinking twice’ about making a purchase.
It is putting me off.
I would have no issue if you were a US business, but you are based in the south coast of England.
I’m paying paying a conversion rate for a currency that will be converted back to £sterling by you to use.

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Sorry to hear that. We’re a small business and we find that displaying in one currency for everyone is the simplest way for us to do business (It’s also where most of our customers are based).

We understand that it may not look/or be ideal for some of our users, and we’re looking to improve that.


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“We understand that it may not look/or be ideal for some of our users, and we’re looking to improve that.”

Which is a bit late for those of us in the UK stung by conversion rates.

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I understand Dan.
I’m a small business, in fact I’m a sole trader so money is even tighter and decisions are even more crucial.
I obviously purchase software and products which come from outside the UK and therefore naturally have to pay for currency conversion.
However, I find it hard to justify paying currency conversion at a rate which currently is seriously penalising British residents purchasing in dollars, for a product created in Britain, published in Britain, by a company based in Britain, but needing to be paid in US dollars rather than in Pounds Sterling.
As a small business I need to keep an eye on my pennies!
So I’m still thinking about it rather plunging in.
It is a pity, because up until now I have supported your business, purchasing upgrades since the first iteration of Rapidweaver, as well as other software from your business.

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Or it means they are not going to do anything at all!

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Purchase not made.

?? - I bought the upgrade via Debit card and paid a £1.27 conversion fee, I’ve paid more than that for a coffee.


Why do you think that, if software is sold in multiple currencies, all prices are available in a 1-1 relation?

For example: when pricing in US Dollar and Euro, you know that most US Dollar purchases are done w/o VAT deduction, where the Euro purchase are deducted by VAT. So, as a seller, you might set the US Doller price to another level than the Euro price.

As @DaveFox said: it’s less than a coffee :coffee:, and now the special upgrade pricing period is over…

I haven’t upgraded yet but definitely will do in the coming months. The upgrade price is very reasonable in my opinion and I’ve been using the app since Rapidweaver 5.

Rapidweaver 7 is excellent for me personally (I have a website with over 300 Stacks pages & it publishes without a problem every time). I’ll happily take a £1.27 ‘hit’ to my wallet for a well supported piece of software when the time comes to upgrade.

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Wow, if 1.27 is going to set folks off … just wait until Brexit fully arrives! I imagine there’s reasons Paddle are now located in Ireland rather than England.

Paddle may have always been an Ireland located company, I don’t know. But apparently several British small to mid sized level companies are opening offices in Ireland to deal with Brexit issues, or potential issues. Large companies already have offices outside England.


Fine, we are all customers and we make our own decisions.
Developers are perfectly within their rights to sell their product as they wish.
Maybe it is my background in retail management for a major British Company that makes me think about what I regard as a poor customer service decision.
If in a high street in the UK I opened a shop and priced everything in US Dollars and expected those customers to change their £s into $s to buy the goods I think I’d close down pretty quickly.
It’s the principle that is important, not the fact that it is the cost of a coffee!
It’s a customer service issue.

I think you’ve hit upon the issue exactly but maybe are missing the boat. I do understand what you mean by the principle of the issue. It just seems the principle has remained the same, but conditions have changed. Put simply: Who is the High Street these days?

What if a UK company opened shop and placed everything in U.S. Dollars because 90% of their customers were U.S. tourists? That would make sense wouldn’t it?

You are thinking of Real Mac as a British company, but for all intents and purposes they are an international company having to choose the currency which best represents their overall customer base. Right now that’s U.S. Dollars. Perhaps it will change to Euros in the future. I think we can be pretty confident, however, that British Pounds will never represent their dominant customer base anymore.

Even if we think about a good solid British company this new environment holds true. Dr. Martens. British all the way. But it’s cheaper for me to purchase Dr. Marten’s in the U.S. than in the U.K. (even without currency conversion). And is Dr. Marten’s really truly British anymore? Most of the shoes are made in Asia, a lot of the workforce is outside of Britain. So while it is legally a British company they are sensitive to their predominant customer base.

Or let’s look at Marks & Sparks. British to the core. Yet my wife in the U.S. can buy M&S goods which are, once again, cheaper in dollars than pounds. And it gets shipped to her within 4 days to the west coast of the U.S. for FREE. I’m not sure the Brits have it that good!

The world is changing. I’m not saying all change is good, but it’s understandable when companies feel they need to adapt to changing circumstances. On top of that, unfortunately, a truly mind-boggling vote coupled with a government who treats that vote as if it were holy water, are likely to make things worse.


So what is the argument against local currency transactions?

Wait a while and it will be part of some bundle or such like and will be cheaper anyway in what ever currancy it’s in!

We now try to display the correct currency in our store based on your location:


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