Clear app doesn't work

Hey guys, why did you stop supporting your great app called Clear? I bought it in 2012 both for iOS and OS X. I had been really satisfying using both versions, until something went wrong - synchronizing through iCloud just stopped. It was somewhen in 2014-2015.

Guys, this is on of your best apps. I think, this is the best productivity app — beautiful and effective. But unfortunately you erased it from you website. Guys, people are still loving it. Thousands users hope to enjoy using it again (especially who bought it).

The app is still on 35 place despite problems. I’m sure, you can restart working on it and reach the first place! At least, please fix the problem with sinchronising.

With the best wishes, your customer.


It’s still working for me, but yeah, this app should be resurrected!


Still works beautifully for me on MacOS 15.5 and iOS 14. Synchronizes instantly. I probably use Clear at least 4-5x/week since it’s release.

Pretty sure it’s no longer a Realmac app, and was sold a few years back to this bunch of devs, who don’t seem to have done much with it

Hmm! Thank you, I’ll write them.