Can we chat about the Clear OSX desktop app? [Moved]

Hi ya, sorry if this isn’t in the right place but when I search ‘Clear’ all the tagged categories seemed to be in the Café?!?

Weird, but then again, so is the desktop app right?

It feels like an after thought compared to the excellent iOS iPad and iPhone versions.

It’s not broken. The syncing works (for me at least) between all my devices. I start most of my lists via the desktop and then ‘top up’ on the road through my phone or iPad. But there are somethings missing from the desktop app that the iOS apps have and I’ve guess I’ve never really seen a scenario where the iOS leads the desktop app in functionality.

In fact if I didn’t know better i’d say the desktop app is a straight port of the iPhone app onto desktop and the two are radically different environments and user experiences. So I’d like this thread to be where the community can chip in ideas to tighten up the desktop app and get it to the same quality experience the iOS apps deliver.

For me these are the things I find strange:
• You can’t have a string of ‘Lists’ and the contents of a single List visible at the same time?!? The iPad does this wonderfully with all my Lists on the left-hand-side and I can pop open a List’s contents AND see all my other Lists as well. So why not on a desktop which has even more screen real-estate than an iPad?
• The whole app is set up for gestures and not mouse/tablet use. Great if I’m on a MacBook, terrible if I’m on a iMac with a Wacom tablet like I am at home 90% of time. Can one of your team jump onto the desktop app with a tablet and stylus and tell me how they find the user experience? It took me ages just to figure how to tick a task off a list using a stylus.
• Where do lists go once they are completed? Is there an old jobs list section I can’t see or don’t know about? It would be very handy to have one of these so if in the future I need to repeat a process, I could just pull up an old job list and all it’s various tasks and just re-instate them rather than go from scratch again.

I really do like your software and it has a lot going for it, but the desktop experience doesn’t match the iOS at the moment. If you are going to ask people to pay for both iOS AND desktop apps, you need to develop them as apps in their own right with their own unique user experiences. Even if you ported across the iPad rather than the iPhone app that would be a giant step in the right direction.

I am hoping other users can add to my list, and that you take our comments as constructive criticism and not as us ‘having a go’. Who knows, maybe together we can get a better result for you and us. :slight_smile:

Bumping this one.

61 views and not a single reply?!?

3 weeks and no reply from the Realmac Devs?

Why don’t you have a forum set up for Clear? Do you not support your own software?

If you sell it and expect people to pay for it, the least you can do is offer up support for it.

@wozowski, sorry that you haven’t gotten a reply until now. Actually, I don’t have any answer for you. I use Clear only on my iPhone and have no experience of it on a desktop or laptop.

Maybe because you posted in the Rapidweaver category, there’s nobody around to pitch in about Clear. Perhaps you should email Realmac about your concerns or ask Clear’s support? But I agree with you that Clear is a very nice, useful tool. I use it all the time. Hope you find answers to your questions.

Sorry, I meant Café Realmacs, not Rapidweaver.

Thanks for the reply.

I would have put it into the ‘Clear’ category instead of the ‘Café Realmacs’ but they don’t have one. Which leads me to suspect they don’t support the software at all.

Rapidweaver, Stacks, Typed and Foundation all seem to have their own category?!?

Reading the comments on the Apple Store loads of people have had a similar issue to me in terms of trying to get support from Realmac for Clear and getting zero reply. I’d understand if it was free software, but I paid for the iOS and desktop versions so feel I deserve some kind of hearing from the makers of the software.

$15 for a lazy iPhone conversion to desktop is pretty steep I think. I just want to know why the iPad functionality isn’t in the desktop app?!?


I’ve moved the thread for more visibility to the developers of Clear as I don’t believe Café Realmacs is monitored much

Your best bet is to contact support directly via their email address as there is no specific ‘Clear’ category for posting issues or assistance requests. The only support you would get from the community here is from those that developed it or have and use it regularly (which I do not).

HTH & best of luck

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Thanks Brad.

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Thanks, @Turtle :slight_smile:

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I, too, am bewildered by the removal of Clear from the RealmacSoftware website.
They respond to e-mails. However, do they want to be deluged by thousands of e-mails? It would be so much easier to have a help page, or forum, for people to find the answers to their questions.

Walt D in LV