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I have a small issue with Clear Menu from “onelittledesigner” the Nav text colour does not work to change the colour once clicked the “custom” it changes to black, can you please let me know why?
Thanks in advance!

Further down in those settings you should see where to change the colours

Thanks @Kelnixon :slight_smile: I do not have this option, my stack ver. is 1.2.1

My stack version is the same as yours! When you change the setting to custom in text colours the item colours should appear where I’ve highlighted in my screenshot.

@Kelnixon it is funny that I am not getting “the item colors:” even when I check the custom settings! I will contact the developer, but thank you for your reply and efforts!

That’s really weird… Hope you manage to get it sorted with the developer :blush:

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Restart rapidweaver and then see if it is there

@jenkman Done that, but the same issue. I have emailed the developer, waiting to hear from them. Thank you!

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